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Voxeljet & Parastruct prove out 3D printing of recyclable construction waste for mould making

Source: TCT Magazine

Voxeljet and Parastruct have carried out a successful proof of concept for the 3D printing of recyclable residual materials from the construction industry.

The two companies say the test was successful and are now hoping to develop the technology further alongside partners in mould making for cold casting and laminating applications.

Using Voxeljet’s VX200 binder jet 3D printing system, the partners produced test moulding parts in Parastruct’s Ecomould material set, which consists of biogenic production residues from the construction industry and a mineral binder. Having carried out the test prints, Voxeljet and Parastruct suggest the Ecomould material can be used to produce moulded parts for interior design objects or laminating processes.

As manufacturers are faced with increasing legal obligations and customer requirements as part of Corporate Social Responsibility strategies, Partastruct has endeavoured to develop sustainable value-added solutions, with Ecomould said to boast a ‘significantly lower’ CO2 footprint than conventionally manufactured sand-phenolic resin moulds, emitting ‘-108.3kg CO2 per 1m2 of mould surface’*. Moulds made with Ecomould can also be shredded and reused as particle material in 3D printing, while a coating that is also removable at the end of its service life can be applied as a finish.

Voxeljet and Parastruct are now looking for interested parties to join them in advancing the ‘transformation of a more sustainable construction industry’ via a possible funding project.

*Parastruct GmbH has used the Impact Forecast Tool to determine and certify carbon footprint.

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Original Article: TCT Magazine
Source: TCT Magazine
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