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First 3D printed mosque completed in Jeddah, KSA

Source: VoxelMatters - The heart of additive manufacturing
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According to multiple reports on Arab language media, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has officially completed and unveiled the World’s first partly 3D printed mosque, a gigantic and majestic structure in Jeddah. The project was conducted using four construction 3D printers from the Chinese company Guanly, and coordinated by their regional representative BuildTech Innovations.

The KSA project was completed in just over nine months and beat out Dubai, which also announced the construction of a 3D printed mosque last year. However, it should also be considered that 3D printing technology was used only for non-load-bearing elements. This is still a groundbreaking achievement in sustainable and innovative construction.

According to Saudi newspaper Saraya, the mosque in question was named after the late Abdulaziz Abdullah Sharbatly and was 3D printed in Jeddah under the Al-Jawhara building project.

The project was first initiated by a businesswoman called Wajannat Muhammad Abdel Wahed as a tribute to her late husband and the mosque took around six months to finish where a total of four printers were used to build it by China’s Guanli on an estimated 5,600 square meters area.

Wajannat added that she wanted to be part of the individuals to introduce this type of technology to Saudi Arabia by building the first-ever 3D printed mosque in the world and said “This mosque is for my beloved late husband, may his soul rest in peace. This represents a qualitative leap in the world of technology and modern construction and a step in the field of architectural innovation”.

The new mosque covers an area of ​​5600 square meters. The construction took 6 months using 4 smart printers manufactured by Guanli, a Chinese company pioneering in manufacturing 3D printers.

The construction of the new mosque came as an initiative from the businesswoman Wajnat Abdulwahed, as a dedication to her late husband. Abdulwahed stated that she wanted to contribute to introducing this modern technology to the Kingdom. Saudi Arabia is one of the pioneering countries in its use. The idea crystallized in building the world’s first mosque built using 3D printing technology dedicated to her late husband, making it the world’s first mosque to be built using 3D printing technology.

Promoting numerous advanced construction projects, KSA is emerging as a leading force in driving AM adoption and evolution.

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Original Article: VoxelMatters - The heart of additive manufacturing
Source: VoxelMatters - The heart of additive manufacturing
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