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North America’s First 3D printed 3-Story Building

  • North America’s first 3D printed 3-story building has been completed near Toronto, Canada by nidus3D using a COBOD construction 3D printer.
  • The townhouse has a usable floor area of 420 m2 (4,500 SF) and includes the world’s first 3D printed basement, a widespread feature in many Canadian and US homes in colder regions.
  • Tenants will move into the project’s 2 semi-detached primary units and additional basement suites later in 2024.
  • The project’s façade features traditional brick, showcasing how modern and old technology can be blended.
North America first 3D printed 3-story building with a 3D printed basement near Toronto, Canada.

While a significant portion of global 3D printed buildings currently consist of single-story structures, the push for greater accessibility in housing has also meant a focus on constructing buildings with more stories. Notably, approximately 50% of all constructed single-family homes in the US are two stories or more. The company that has been pushing the boundaries of the 3D printing technology most in this respect in North America is Canadian-based nidus3D, which completed North America’s first 3D printed 2-story building in 2022. Now, beating their record, nidus3D has finished a 3D printed 3-story building near Toronto at 420 m2 (4,500 SF) using a 3D printer from COBOD International.

The house stands at an impressive 3.5 stories, approximately 12.5 meters (41 ft) from footing to top roof, of which 3 full stories were 3D printed in real concrete using locally sourced materials. Setting this project further apart is the inclusion of the world’s first 3D printed basement, a common element in many North American homes. Unlike traditional basements, which are typically poured in place, this basement was printed by placing the 3D printer directly within the excavation. The result is an easily accessible walk-out basement.

Co-founder of nidus3D, Hugh Roberts, expressed immense pride in their achievement: “nidus3D is proud to be the first in North America to successfully construct a three-story structure including the below-grade basement in 3D printed concrete. This project demonstrates what can be accomplished by combining nidus3D’s industry-leading expertise and engineering with world-class 3D Printing technology”.

The Ontario project includes the world’s first 3D printed basement, completed by placing the printer within the excavation.

The project’s exterior boasts a finish of traditional brick, harmonizing modern technology with the classic aesthetics of the neighborhood. It accommodates four apartments; two suites nestled in the basement, while the other two occupy the main building, forming semi-attached homes extending to the steel-framed roof. Tenants of the project will move in later in 2024. Philip Lund-Nielsen, COBOD Co-founder & Head of Americas, commented from COBOD’s facilities in Miami, Florida: “We are very proud to see nidus3D beat their record by 3D printing the first 3-story building in our hemisphere – a feat that other COBOD customers outside North America have also achieved previously. Completing the world’s first 3D printed basement is another impressive achievement that only amplifies the technology’s potential to transform construction, and we notice with pride that multiple of our customers are pioneering what can be achieved with the 3D printing technology”.

The Ontario project includes the world’s first 3D printed basement, completed by placing the printer within the excavation.


COBOD stands as the global leader in supplying 3D printers for the construction sector, promoting over 80 printers distributed across North and Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific. Driven by a mission to revolutionize construction through multifunctional robots utilizing 3D printing, COBOD envisions automating half of the construction processes to achieve faster, cost-effective, sustainable results with enhanced design versatility.

From residential, commercial, and public structures to sports facilities and educational institutions, COBOD’s 3D printers have been instrumental in erecting 1 to 3-story structures across all six inhabited continents. Their innovative technology also extends to developing large-scale data centers, wind turbine towers, tanks, and more.

Embracing an open-source material approach, COBOD collaborates with global partners, including customers, academia, and suppliers. The company, backed by prominent shareholders such as General Electric, CEMEX, Holcim, and PERI, operates from its main office in Copenhagen, Denmark, and regional competence centers in Miami, Florida, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. COBOD’s dynamic team comprises over 100 professionals from 25 diverse nationalities.


Founded in 2021, nidus3D is an innovative Canadian robotic construction company delivering rapid, low-cost printed structures with automated, on-site 3D concrete printing. As a process-driven company, nidus3D is leading technology-driven innovation in the construction sector to revolutionize the way homes are built.

Nidus3D has completed multiple proof-of-concept projects, including Canada’s first residentially permitted 3D-printed structures and North America’s first two-story and three-story 3D-printed building and is currently scaling 3D construction printing across Canada. With its proven technology, nidus3D is ready to lead 3D construction printing into the future.

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