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Portugal’s first 3D printed house


Could 3D printing be the future for housing? Today we’re taking a look at what will be the first Portuguese house “built” using a 3D printer in Portela da Villa, in Torres Vedras. It will be built by Litehaus.

The company that links cutting-edge technology to the real estate sector aims to “bring a sustainable and innovative solution to the [construction] industry, which is responsible for 42% of carbon emissions”. The process of creating this residential unit was carried out using technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, in an initial phase of creativity and projection, and 3D printing already in its building.

In a statement, Litehaus explains that it wants to focus on the production of modular buildings and 3D-printed houses, which consume 67 per cent less energy to manufacture. The aim, it says, is to build 100 houses a year in Portugal.

“We’re here to make the sector wary. This technology allows us to produce up to 45m2 of walls in just 20 hours,” says Simi Launay, Litehaus’ Chief Creative Officer.

“Litehaus is embarking on a mission to redefine living spaces, fusing AI technology, 3D printing and modular homes to create buildings that echo simplicity, innovation and sustainability. Our goal is to build 70% faster and 20% cheaper, building homes that epitomise elegance and minimalism harmonised with Portugal’s natural beauty,” he adds.

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