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Southern Hemisphere’s Largest Fully 3D Printed Building Completed


10/11/2023: New Zealand’s leading 3D concrete printing company, QOROX, has successfully completed the Southern Hemisphere’s largest 3D printed building. Their advanced 3D concrete printing technology enabled them to complete the project more cost-effectively and sustainably. The CEO of QOROX sees 3D concrete printing as the next evolutionary step in the construction industry and intends to further advance this technology by entering the business of selling 3D concrete printers.

Southern Hemisphere’s Largest 3D Printed Building

New Zealand just got a new milestone: the largest 3D concrete printing building in the Southern Hemisphere. The print was carried out by QOROX, a Waikato-based 3D printing company that has been revolutionizing the Kiwi construction industry since 2018. The recently completed ‘Paremoremo House’ is also the first fully 3D-printed residential home in the Auckland suburb it was named after. The home was constructed using 3D printed concrete panels and, with a total area of 252m², will accommodate a family of four. By harnessing the design capabilities of 3D concrete printing, QOROX was able to bring to life a unique design that complements the site’s natural contours and serene setting. This distinctive design was crafted by the multi-award-winning Dorrington Atcheson Architects (DAA). QOROX’s CEO, Wafaey Swelim: “DAA provided an amazing design which enabled us to fully utilize the design capabilities of our 3D concrete printer and produce a strong, secure and warm home for the owners to enjoy for many generations to come. People who visit the home are so impressed by its calmness and warmth.”

Cheaper, More Sustainable, and Disaster-Proof

Besides its flexibility in design, QOROX’s 3D printing technology provided several other advantages for the construction of the Paremoremo House. Firstly, QOROX’s 3D printing technology enabled the construction to be carried out in a more sustainable manner. The home’s 63 panels, totaling an area of 360m², were printed using its own material that is 80% locally sourced. Before being installed on-site by QOROX and Senior Construction, the walls were printed in the prefabrication facility in Hamilton, ensuring optimal print conditions. Combining this with 3D concrete printing’s general environmental advantages, QOROX was able to achieve construction with 30% fewer emissions than traditional concrete builds.

Swelim added that the technology also enabled “the formation of wall cavities for insulation, plumbing and electrical wiring.” By incorporating these typically essential production processes, QOROX was able to save money on these additional production steps. The flexibility of 3D concrete printing also allowed the future owners of the Paremoremo House to add their personal touches without incurring additional costs. “It’s pretty cost effective, and you can get the geometric proportions and shapes that you would have to spend a lot of money to get if you did it in traditional concrete construction,” noted DAA director Tim Dorrington about the technique.

Lastly, the house is equipped perfectly to withstand New Zealand’s natural environment. The 3D printed walls provide excellent thermal mass quality, making it an exceptionally climate-resilient home. This quality allows the Paremoremo home to stay warm during the cold winter months. The house in Auckland was also built in a region prone to both flooding and earthquakes. By ingeniously applying 3D concrete printing, QOROX was able to build the home completely flood-proof, while also meeting the world’s highest standards of earthquake-proofing.

Driving the Next Evolution in Building

Wafaey Swelim believes that 3D printing is the next essential step for the construction industry to evolve. “3D printed concrete is the next evolution in building, and it’s happening right now, right here in New Zealand.” Besides carrying out 3D prints like clockwork, QOROX has recently started advancing the technology even further in New Zealand by entering the business of selling printers. The 3D construction company sources their hardware and software from the Dutch 3D-tech company CyBe Construction. By entering into a reseller agreement earlier this year, QOROX has officially become an authorized reseller of CyBe printers. This way, they can expand the evolution of 3D concrete printing in New Zealand even more effectively. With their recent achievement of the Southern Hemisphere’s largest 3D printed building and their efforts to advance 3DCP by utilizing and selling more CyBe printers, QOROX is ready to drive the next evolution in the New Zealand construction industry.

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