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World’s First 3D Printed Living Seawall gets installed


A future homeowner in Miami Beach has become the first to have Kind Designs’ Living Seawalls installed. Opting for this structure specifically to support the environment, they are the recipient of the world’s first 3D printed seawalls. While seawalls to prevent flooding are necessary along the Miami coastline, these Living Seawalls go a step further in environmental protection. In addition to safeguarding the land from erosion, flooding, storm surges, and sea-level rise, Kind Designs‘ Living Seawalls actively contribute to improving the local marine environment. Once installed along the shoreline, the Living Seawalls seamlessly support the needs of local marine ecosystems. Moreover, in addition to enhancing the sea, the seawalls also monitor its quality. Embedded sensors enable the Living Seawalls to measure information on water quality across as many as 15 different parameters.

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